Cryptolocker recently made news regarding the virus’s successful ransom-ware campaign. It’s not just a virus, it’s a smooth and professional operation that considers the user/victim. It has a fluctuating fee tied to the value of Bitcoin. As this ZDNet article points out, “Bitcoin instability (…)¬†prompted CryptoLocker’s masterminds to reduce the ransom to 1 BTC, 0.5

In my opinion the best OS on the best device, currently. The user-friendliness is optimum. The apps may still be somewhat missing, but it’s hardly noticeable. Apart from the far superior OS, the existing apps, the apps in development and the ability to hack-run pretty much all Android apps, mean this phone is not lacking

OK, I’m a Blackberry 10 evangelist. But this does not detract from hard facts stacked against Apple. The new iOS 7 is now installed on my iPad Mini. iOS 6 was looking like a dinosaur, an interface that got stuck in it’s infancy. The multi-tasking was slow, and with the new OS, it’s still slow.

Republished from which is no longer a blog. Just been forwarded this interesting ebook. Written in 1999, the book advocates that the internet is forcing companies to refrain from corporate behavior if we wish to serve “smarter markets”. The story is of 2 forces standing either side of a fence. Consumers on one side