Hi, I’m Oliver Westcott and this is my blog. I’m an anarcho-capitalist. My passport informs me I was born in England, however I lived the best part of 2 decades on the continent, in Spain and France. I currently reside in London where I’m cutting my teeth in marketing communications, especially on the web.

I arrived at anarcho-capitalism from the left. But I wouldn’t have arrived here without my grounding in economics. I was slightly right wing – perhaps conservative – early on in life. But in my late teens I began to rebel pretty hard. Rent, profit and interest, American imperialism… An enthusiastic but ill-read mutualist with sympathies and curiosity for communism. I was able to blag distinctions from hard-left professors on my International Business course by playing into their often Marxist politics (government education for you). This lead to being offered joining socialist political parties.

Despite a short relapse to the right in my mid twenties (perhaps more of a submission to the status quo of mainstream politics), I returned to anarchism with a vengeance when I moved to London. I studied. The levels of evil I discovered in the system began to really trouble me. One day I quit my design job in the City and became a full time activist. I had been involved in plenty of activism before but this was another level.

I associated with Marxist revolutionaries, anti-war activists, eco-warriors, conspiracy theorists and various anarchist groups. Brian Haw, in his final days, became very untrusting of fellow activists. I maintain there is a strong chance I was the last person to shake his hand and engage in amicable conversation with him. By this stage I had accumulated a wealth of understanding of Marxism, “traditional” anarchism and various other schools of political thought. I went on just about every demo in London and many elsewhere including abroad. After confronting the political elite, snooping on parliament and getting a bit too close to the tear gas and flash-bang grenades, I discovered the Austrian school of economics and subjective marginal utility. The pieces of the puzzle all finally came together. I was hooked. Briefly entertained by Ron Paul’s presidential bid, I immediately fell into anarcho-capitalism in late 2008.

I’m also the proprietor and webmaster for anarcho-caitalist.org.

You can find me on facebook.